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...luttered in delight. However, she had not forgotten her situation, and continued struggling against her bonds, trying to kick free and twist her arms. But nothing seemed to work, and it was apparent that the tentacles were determined to fulfill whatever purpose they had for her. She felt something caress her tummy and knew immediately that it was another tentacle. Its caress was gentle, as if it was trying to reassure her. The tentacle in her mouth thrust more firmly, as if trying to gain her attention and she whimpered softly. What did it want with her? What did they all want from her? It leaked just a bit more of its fluid in her mouth, a few drops that coated her tongue with that mildly sweet and pleasant concoction. She felt no stinging, no numbness, no nothing that told her that this liquid was any sort of poison. It gave her a firm thrust, almost pressing against the back of her throat and she let out a soft whimper, shaking her head, afraid that it would slither down her throat. It seemed a little more than an inch thick, perhaps one and a half. It was not so thick that her jaw was uncomfortably stretched open, but she knew that if her jaw was kept like this for longer than a little while, it would become sore. It drew back a little and wiggled around and she whimpe...

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