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...ence and Aang was afraid for a second that he had jumped the gun. But Katara just broke out laughing. “You caught me,” she laughed, “What can I say? I like a good fuck.” Aang smiled. The plan was working smoothly. “I can tell,” said Aang, “I mean, I did double team you with your brother a few weeks ago.” Katara smiled sexily. “Yes you did, you stud,” she winked, “and it was great.” Aang smiled again. “You know, Aang, I used to have quite a nickname back home,” said Katara, “they used to call me the Slut of the South.” She laughed merrily again. “I guess it’s because I would fuck anybody.” Aang turned to her. “But back at the Air Temple,” he said, “That was your first group experience, right?” Katara nodded. “That’s right,” she said, “it was my first time.” Aang pressed on, “And you liked it, right?” Katara laughed again. “Liked it? I loved it!” Aang smiled indulgently. “Would you like it again?” he asked. Katara turned slowly and looked at him fully. “What are you saying, Aang?” she asked. Aang gave a low whistle and the foliage behind them began to rustle. All at once three figures jumped out of the trees. They stepped into the light; it was Sokka, Jet, and Longshot, all grinning from ear to ear. ‘What’s this?” said Katara, looking confused. Jet laughed, “We heard you Katara. We’ve been listening this whole time, Slut of the South.” All four boys laughed. Katara pushed Aang. “You fucker!” she said, “This was your plan all along!” But she didn’t look angry;...
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